Marco Colombo

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Biomedical Data Science

Since 2016 I have been developing and teaching a 10 credits (20 hours) course on analysis of biomedical data using the R statistical software as part of the MSc in Operational Research (with Data Science) and the MSc in Statistics.

The course covers the following topics during 5 lectures (10 hours in total):

Introduction to biomedical data

Discovering associations

Logistic regression and predictive models

Biomarker discovery and high-dimensional datasets

Prediction from genetic data

The course is accompanied by self-guided material to learn and practice how to perform analyses using R (10 hours in total):

Lab 1: Introduction to R

Lab 2: Data preparation and linear regression

Lab 3: Logistic regression and predictive models

Lab 4: High-dimensional datasets

Lab 5: Prediction from genetic data

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